Relevant Again

Relevant Again

Sunday, July 1stth, 2016 for Kobe’s last game and when he reminded us how much we are going to miss him and what he had given us the past 1,546 games suiting up for the Purple and Gold. After that day, Lakers games were only viewed as patient learning experiences for a young squad, or what star player will go off on us as years of repressed payback for Kobe doing the same.  July 1st, 2018 was when we became relevant again, maybe not championship contenders immediately, but relevant, buzzworthy and having something to play for.

July 1st,2018 is the day Lebron announced he is signing a four-year $156 million deal to come to play with the Lakers, and the impact was immediate. I will never forget, I was at a free concert in the park series D’lo and Ball era’s).

This Showtime feels different, yea we are getting a 33-year-old Lebron who has been carrying Cleveland around on his shoulders the past three years, but at this point we don’t need 4 out 1 in, high pick and roll Lebron with 4 spot up shooters for 35 minutes of game time while taken 50% of defensive possessions off. We need him to work within the offense Luke has built and given more than his usual 10% effort on defense. Lebron bought until the Lakers large part due to the fact we have such a nice core that is on the brink ( Ball, Kuzmayoungins are hungry and tired of losing in Kobe’s shadow, they are ready to build their legacy, even if it requires some help from a King in the process.

We are legitimately relevant again, which is a good enough to set the city on fire with purple and gold flares. There will be plenty of time to worry about the wins, losses, how many games before LeGm brings in his coach, a Lavar outburst when Rondo beats Lonzo out of playing time and those Mid-Season games where Lebron decides to take a week off to rest mentally. But from now until October 1st, let’s enjoy that its fun to be a Laker’s fan again, and the victory wine will be even sweeter for those of us who stuck it out the past six years when all hope was lost with no end in sight hanging on to empty promise after empty promise. We are back, and whether it leads to three rings or 4 consecutive lackluster seasons, it’s just beautiful to be relevant again, GO LAKERS!!!


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