Brandon Ingram’s midrange arsenal

Brandon Ingram has had a subpar start to the season so far. Scoring is down 1 point from last season, assists down, rebounds down and field goal percentage precisely the same as 2017-2018. New teammate Lebron James might have something to do that with, but a lot of Ingram’s shots just aren’t going in, even with a solid shot selection.  Below are some examples of Ingram getting good shots out of his midrange positioning, even if some of them don’t go in.

Ingram post fadeaway:

Ingram gif 1

Here Ingram takes advantage of the size he has on De’Aaron Fox by taking him down into the post. Although Ingram uses four dribbles to get within seven feet of the basket and is able to rise up over Fox using his length. Sacramento got cheeky and offered Fox zero help, so Ingram ended up with a splendid look at the rim.

Brandon is able to fade just a bit and take the shot over his right shoulder. Fox had little interest in contesting the ball, so it ended up being a wide open look, Ingram just missed it short.

Ingram Step Back Jumper:

Ingram jumper 2

This time Brandon Ingram is on the move, with De’Aaron on his hip. Before he reaching Cauley-Stein in the paint, Ingram takes a Harden-esque step-back-to-his-right mind range shot. Brandon takes the step back, gathers his feet well, and rises up with a fadeaway. Ingram hasn’t shrunk height wise yet in this game, so he still has the size advantage over Fox.

This was another clean look Brandon Ingram has had this season, that did not even miss that bad, just shots not going in that are very makeable.

Ingram attacking the rim:

Ingram Scoring 3

Here Ingram attacks out of a post-face-up isolation on the wing. After one jab step, Brandon makes his move on a second jab step with a slight hesitation sprinkled on top. Ingram attacks the left foot of his defender, which is at a higher position than his right, making it seem like a half-ass attempt to force Ingram baseline.

With Brandon attacking the ” higher ” foot, this forces his defender to turn his body around trying to recover. Ingram’s lack of hardiness allows the defender to recover using his superior physicality, but Brandon takes a long second step to gain extra space. The end result is Ingram drawing a foul.

Ingram contested midrange:

Ingram Gif4

This picks up at the end of the shot clock about halfway through the first. Ends up being a broken play, forcing Ingram to take a contested mid-range at the end of the clock. The play looks like it was made to include a double screen for Ingram to run off.

For starters, Lonzo Ball sets the laziest god damn pick imaginable, gently caressing Willie Cauley-Stein before going to daydream on the wing. Tyson Chandler just says ” fuck it ” and doesn’t set a pick, all while Brandon Ingram leaves too early, and makes a wide curl to the ball.

All these things lead to Ingram catching it on the wing, one failed pump fake and a missed shot, all while flailing around like Woody from Toy Story.

Ingram pump fake and shot:

Ingram Scoring 4

Brandon Ingram gets the ball off an inbounds pass, and initially gets the defender to semi bite on a pump fake.  Attacks the paint with two dribbles to his right, then throws in another pump fake. The defender does a good job staying down on the second fake. Brandon gathers himself, squares to the basket and fades away just enough to get the shot off.

This was a well-contested shot made, and the defense did everything right. An example of Ingram using his height and length to get the shot off in a tight spot.

Ingram catch and shoot:

Ingram gif 5

Brandon comes off the screen with his hands in position ready to shoot. Catches the pass from Rajon Rondo, squares up to the basket rises up and nails the basket. Chandler gets away with an illegal screen which helped free up Ingram. Defense does an excellent job recovering, but not enough to irritate BI.


All of the above shots are makeable shots, mid-range shots. The only issue is whether these are shots that will eventually go in for Ingram, or he will always be a 35 percent shooter from the 3-16 feet range.  Brandon is getting a lot of open looks at the basket, and could very well end up 22+ points per game scorer if he can start making a few more of these a game.


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