Ball Vision

Even though his assist numbers are down from 7.2 to 4.8  per game this season, Lonzo Ball has his passing vision on display this season. Granted the decline in averages has a lot to do with Lebron James and Rajon Rondo joining, with Brandon Ingram having a more involved role as a ball handler.  Below are some pinpoint passes Lonzo has made this season.

Now, some of these passes look mundane and are not very flashy. But anyone who has played basketball before knows how hard some of these passes are to make, especially considering the speed and talent of NBA players. There are not any fancy behind the back alley-oop passes, but all of them hit the mark entirely and led to a score.

Over the top to Kuzma in traffic:

This was an excellent pass over the top, but Kyle Kuzma deserves 50 percent of the credit too for snagging the ball between three defenders and going up strong to finish.

Lonzo Pass Gif2

Demar DeRozan turned his head entirely, which set up the play. We can see there is a large hole to make the pass, with Dante Cunningham as the only help available backside. Lonzo makes the super pass, and if the defense hadn’t made a steal attempt on the pass, might not have produced a score.

Lonzo to Kuzma Over the top

To a cutting Kuzma from offensive rebound: 

Lonzo snags the offensive rebound and hits a cutting Kyle Kuzma for the layup with all five Dallas Mavericks mugging him.

Lonzo pass 11 Gif

We can see below that Ball has already issued the ball before Kyle gets into the paint. This would have to do with Lonzo having nowhere to go after jumping on the pass, but also seeing the play before it happened.

Lonzo to Kuzma offensive board

Touch pass to Lebron:

Lonzo ducks down the lane and hits Lebron James on a elegant touch pass for the score before the Denver Nuggets can react.

Lonzo pass 5 Gif

The powerful part of this pass is how quickly Lonzo touched it off to Lebron between three defenders while on the move. Running at full speed, down the paint, enclosed by Nuggets is a lot harder than it looks initially.

Lonzo Touch pass to Lebron.png

Scoop pocket pass to McGee short corner: 

This pass was utterly gorgeous. As Lonzo gets into the lane, he sees a small pocket between Alex Len and Kent Bazemore to squeeze a pass through.

Lonzo Pass 15 Gif

The margin of deviation on this pass is slim to none. Both Atlanta Hawk defenders are in pretty good position, and there is no other pass that Lonzo could have made to get this pass into McGee. The bounce pass is off the table and over the top would more than likely get tipped.

Underhand scoop to McGee.png

Overhand bounce pass in transition to Lebron:

Another astonishingly difficult throw to make on the move, an overhand bounce pass in transition at short range, hitting Lebron in gait.

Lonzo Pass Gif 14

Overhand passes are very complex because of the spin required to put on the ball to bounce it back up. This amplifies the pressure when the pass is in transition, full speed with defenders all around. On top of that, the short distance of the pass means a large amount of spin was required to get that kick back up.

Overhand bounce pass to Lebron.png

Crosscourt zip pass to cutting Ingram:

Another hard transition pass in stride that leads to an easy basket.

Lonzo Pass Gif 13

First off we can see Ingram giving Lonzo a heads up by lifting his hand, letting him know ” gimme the ball bitch “. Jimmy Butler is helping, while a trailing Andrew Wiggins is also in the picture to assist on the Laker fast break. As Lonzo catches the pass, his eyes are up already, planning to zip the pass through the tiny window of opportunity he has

To a cutting Ingram in transition.png


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